Oh my god can you make a Robot au omg
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According to XKit, this message was sent 9 months ago…  I AM SO SORRY, BABE!

Okay.  Robots are super duper cool!  Can someone (the person who sent this, or anyone darling enough to give their input) specify whether by robots we’re going for a “People you think are people but are actually robots” or a “Big robot fighting machines to fight off big monster fighting things” type of AU?  And if you prefer to have it be focused on the 1D boys, the UJ boys, or even both together?  I ask this because everybody loves robots and we don’t want to disappoint anyone with the wrong type of robots! X

Just a few things:

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AU MEME: 'Louis Tomlinson's Day Off'

"Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

Louis Tomlinson is a clever and tricky fast talker, a legend in his own time. He decides to call out sick, feigning illness, to embark on a wild adventure involving his friends Liam Payne and Niall Horan, and a Ferrari. From Wrigley Field to the Art Institute of Chicago to a Polish Pride parade, Louis and friends intend on making the most of their day off.

Just looking at some past posts and noticed that these are our top five AUs:

  1. The Breakfast Club
  2. The A Team
  3. Small Bump
  4. Supernatural
  5. Union J asks to have a private meeting with One Direction to reveal that they are actually their future children […]

So does this mean we should just keep slapping the boys’ faces over cult movies?  When Ed’s new album comes out, we should throw the lyrics into more stories?  People actually do like Union Direction and we should make more 1D/UJ crossovers?

Maybe.  We do like receiving messages and we don’t bite, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, we’re open to doing them! X


The day One Direction realizes that Niall Horan wasn’t as single as they thought is the same day they find the divorce papers sent in the mail.

It was an intervention, Niall supposed.  He wasn’t quite sure what gave him the idea that it was an intervention, whether it was the fact that he walked into the dressing room with the other four members sitting and waiting for him with a solemn air, or the fact that there was a large, while banner with the word “INTERVENTION” painted on it in red letters hanging in the corner.

"What’s the craic, boys?"  Niall entered, taking a chance and hoping that a smile would get the serious expressions off their faces.  He walked up to Louis and started playfully poking him in the ribs, knowing that of all people, he could rely on Louis to give him a good laugh.  "Shouldn’t you be gettin’ ready for your date with your girl and Zayn and his girl?  A night out in LA?  Double the date, double the love, huh?  Gettin’ all wild ‘n—"

"Niall."  Louis stopped Niall and showed him the papers.  "You just got sent this from back home, requiring your signature to finalize a divorce..?"

Louis’s voice always sounded weird to Niall whenever he wasn’t trying to say something funny, but at this moment, the fact that it sounded weird was making Niall laugh.  The Irish boy had to hold on to his stomach from all the laughter, afraid that it would just burst from all the “HA HA”s he was doing, as he wiped the tear out of his eyes.  The other boys exchanged confused glances and right when one of them was going to step up to get Niall to stop, the laughter began to transition to a string of curse words that could only come out of a true Irishman.  Niall snatched the papers out of Louis’s hands and scanned the text, adding unnecessary swears between each word he read out loud, and then grabbed a pen off the table and signed the paper.

The boys watched Niall take a seat in his dressing room, close his eyes, and take a deep breath.  And then in almost a second later, he looked at Harry and Liam.  ”So I’m guessin’ we’re gonna be spendin’ the night as true bachelors together, huh?”

i would like to know that, for a project i want to do, like a vision novel type thing with one of your aus (except its written?) could i use it and give you full credit for the idea? sorry this is so vague i'm horrid at explaining! xx
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It’s alright!  But yeah, from the information you did give, your project sounds pretty awesome.  You can totally use one of our aus, just as long as you credit us (like you said you would) and link us to your finished project because it sounds really cool and we’re super interested in seeing it as well! X

AU MEME: ’Welcome to Night Vale’

Welcome to Night Vale is a community podcast for the small town of Night Vale, featuring local weather, news, announcements of the Sheriff’s Secret Police, mysterious lights in the sky, that new scientist that is oh so very perfect in every way, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers, and cultural events.

These updates will be provided by none other, Louis Tomlinson.  So turn on your radio, hide, and remember the town motto: “We have nothing to fear except ourselves…

AU MEME: ’Gravity Falls’

Twins Harry and George are sent from the city to the mysterious town of Gravity Falls, Oregon to spend the summer with their great uncle who owns the tourist trap known as The Mystery Shack, “the world’s most bizarre museum”.  They soon realize that there is something much more bizarre going on and they’re going to have to rely on one another to find their way through this unfamiliar town.

AU MEME: ’Psycho’/’Bates Motel’

A light sprinkle turns into a heavy storm as the day reaches its end.  You see a small hotel sign blinking “VACANCY” in red letters off the side of the empty highway, so you decide it was time to call it a night for your solo rode trip.  You park your car and enter the office, being greeted by a pleasant man who smiles as he introduces himself as Harry Styles.  After finding out that there are actually  ”12 vacancies.  12 cabins, 12 vacancies”, you are given the key to your room and finally give this motel some business.  Harry thanks you for choosing to stay at the motel owned by him and his mother.  Little did you realize that once you checked in, you’d never check out.

AU MEME: ’Hannibal’

Liam Payne is a criminal profiler who is able to catch criminals with his ability to empathize with them.  But when he comes across a killer with a mind too twisted for even him to understand, he is enlisted the help from the brilliant psychiatrist, Louis Tomlinson.  A partnership is formed between the two and there seems to be no case that they can’t solve.
Except for one.  If only Liam knew that the reason why he couldn’t follow the footsteps for this killer was because the killer was walking next to him the entire time.